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About Tsunati

Delivering Services since 1998

For over 20 years, Tsunati leadership and team members have been delivering quality services involving highly complex solutions such as Virtualization, Datacenter and Cloud Computing. We have built our reputation over the years as being honest, reliable and trustworthy. 

Our Expert Team

Stoney Hall

President and Chief Executive Officer
Stoney Hall, as CEO and President, establishes the strategic direction for the company and its portfolio of offerings while developing an exceptional leadership team that drives execution. With over two decades of public sector experience, Stoney is known as an influential, dynamic and experienced executive. Stoney was formerly CTO and GTM for NTT Data Services, Global Senior Healthcare Strategist to Red Hat/IBM and held various Senior Executive, VP and leadership roles with some of the largest tech companies in the world, like Dell EMC.

Stoney has proven himself as a leader in the IT services industry, driving enterprise digital transformation for business turnarounds, high-growth situations and successful acquisitions. He sits on the advisory board of some of the most well-known and fastest growing technology companies in virtualization, cyber security, AI, ML, big data insights, Hybrid/Multi-Cloud and Edge technologies.

He also is a healthcare industry expert. Stoney served in senior executive roles at leading healthcare companies, like Sema4 where he facilitated preclinical research collaboration and focused on patient-centric, information driven Genomic solutions.


Sathiyan Ratnam

Chief Financial Officer
Sathiyan Ratnam holds a B.Com. degree from Ryerson University. Mr. Ratnam is a seasoned expert with decades of experience in Corporate Strategy ‎and Finance. He has worked on top managerial positions for many recognized names.


Tim Myers

Chief Operating and Technology Officer

In his role as a technology evangelist and leader, Tim has had the opportunity to be part of the great transformations that have shaped the technology industry. His ability to share the intricate technical details of a solution, while also speaking to the business justification of the investment, has been instrumental in his career.

Tim’s strategic vision, inclusive leadership and execution focus has created a track record of building and leading high-growth successful global businesses. With over 20 years of experience in Advisory and Consulting Services, Tim has established himself as the consummate professional and trustworthy confidant to customers and partners worldwide.


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