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Less than 1 in 10 companies have trained staff to use new software tools causing them to use them incorrectly or not at all. There is a tsunami of new technologies being introduced and overwhelming the market every day. Companies invest millions in these technologies, yet some experts claim nearly 40% of these technologies never get utilized or deployed as intended.

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Tsunati stands loyally beside you to the Edge, beyond and anywhere between you want to go. Enhance your knowledge, add to your skill set and achieve more with our advanced video trainings.

Kasten K-10 Presales Academy

Learn how to protect your Kubernetes environment

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Lab Building Academy

Learn to build a lab environment using automation

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Veeam O365 Backup Academy

Learn how to protect your M365 data using Veeam

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We Educate

We educate you on how best to work with the investment you have made. With our advanced video trainings we can educate the vendor on real-world customer use of their products.  

We Evaluate

We evaluate your unique individual enterprise environment and assist you with proper setup. We leverage our own unique intelligent platform to keep the client, vendor and channel in sync. This allows the vendors to focus on the next great version of their products which is at the heart of their business.

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Tsunati is your product expert, educational resource, and even full service provider. We bridge the gap that is keeping you from maximizing the returns you deserve.

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Do you have a sales inquiry or some other question, fill out the form below to get in touch with us, we would love to hear from you. Tsunati is here to assist you in your journey to implementing the simple, flexible, reliable, and powerful solutions that deliver Modern Agnostic Intelligent Services and Data Protection.

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