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Technical Account Management Services

Accelerate Solution Time-To-Value

Business Challenge

Business stakeholders are challenging IT organizations to identify, utilize and prove how technology is helping them drive business outcomes. IT organizations are being driven to move away from operating are active mode and focus on strategic projects that propel the business forward. That is why you have invested in Veeam technology to help you innovate faster, reduce costs and gain efficiencies. Your organization must determine the best way to accelerate Veeam solution time to value and optimize current and future technologies, while reducing risk and cost. Veeam Technical Account Management Services can help.

At A Glance

Technical Account Management Services provide your organization with a Veeam subject matter expert, advocate and advisor who will equip your organization with proven methodologies and exclusive tools to help keep your Veeam initiatives on track.

• Accelerate your Veeam solution time-to-value.
• Increase IT staff knowledge and abilities.
• Optimize operations to realize cost savings.
• Reduce operational risk with health checks.

Assessments that help you develop outcome-focused roadmaps and plans for advancing your transformation and operational excellence.

Solution guidance and bestpractice reviews to identify performance optimization opportunities.

Perform system healthchecks to provide recommendations for improving efficiency, resiliency, security, and sustainability for operational optimization.

Provide industry insights and share our combined global experience to help you realize cost savings and reduce operational risk.

Technical Account Management Services provide direct connections to Veeam resources across professional services, product management, engineering, and support to help you accelerate your objectives. As a Technical Account Management Services customer, you will have exclusive access to programs and events that allow your organization to engage with subject matter experts relevant to your transformation goals. This includes TAM Customer Central at Veeam Explore, local workshops, roundtables, and webcasts.

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