Innovation Through Collaboration

Loyalty to the client and the partner or partners we work with is at the forefront of our value base partner methodology. We facilitate better collaboration among partners where it is needed and protect it while optimizing their client relationship.

Solutions Enablement Education(SEE) for Veeam

Tsunati is an award-winning Veeam Accredited Service Partner, which means we are leaders in delivering Veeam-focused services and educational resources. Our core objective is to empower businesses with the knowledge, tools and support they need to maximize the utility and value of their Veeam investment. We do this through a suite of robust professional services and through Tsunati University, a first-of-its kind education and training system developed in partnership with Veeam.
Tsunati has a special relationship with Veeam. We have the largest roster of Veeam-certified engineers and technicians who are experts in the complex ecosystem of platforms and infrastructure where Veeam is present. This means we are experts on not just Veeam, but all of the pieces that Veeam touches so customers can be assured that Veeam will operate smoothly and seamlessly

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