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Our unique workshops identify popular current technical challenges that have been extremely difficult for most people to resolve, there might be some details on the web, but no practical real-world knowledge is available when trying to execute the solution on your own. NSX-NSXT is a prime example of that.

Making Challenges Possible

The workshops are hands-on, meaning the session usually takes three weeks to complete step-by-step hands-on instruction on how to implement these challenging solutions/migrations. It is a cross between training/education and actual deployment services. We ofcourse will deploy remediation or actual in-person or remote services if a customer needs that last mile of help, but the goal is to give the customer enough information that they can more easily solve the implementation themselves. This is why we charge more than a basic training class and why we charge less than an actual services deployment.

The Problem

There is an overwhelming tsunami of technologies, applications, and vendorsbuilding up to crash over your business. It has become incredibly difficult for companies to innovate while just trying to maintain and survive. It is imperative you protect what you have while you innovate for the future. The ever-changing market has given rise to digital transformations, and more companies, organizations are looking for relevant and innovative service providers to improve their performance and stay relevant

Why Tsunati?

Tsunati is the leader in delivering backup, recovery, and data management services for our customers and partners located throughout the United States and Canada. For over 20 years, Tsunati leadership and team members have been delivering quality services involving highly complex solutions such as Virtualization, Datacenter, and Cloud Computing.

Solving Real-World Challenges

Migrating from VMware NSX for vSphere to NSX-T

VMware is the end of life to NSXV. Their latest guidance says that they have to be migrated by January 2023. Then why has 70% of the current install base not yet migrated? Because it is risky and complex. Furthermore, there is no real data available to guide the process. On the web, you find complete migration guides; these utilities are usually free. But nobody knows how to do it. There is no knowledgeable real-world hand-holding workshop to guide you through actually solving it.

Tsunati has come up with practical, real-world workshops that will teach you how to migrate from VMware NSX for vSphere to NSX-T. Our professionals have real-world experience with migrations that will help you understand everything you need. We know you are stuck in a tsunami that could sink your boat; let us be your lifeline and guide you through it.

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