NEW- VB365 Job Management using Veeam Service Provider Console v7 beta

The new Veeam Service Provider Console v7 beta was released yesterday, along with the new Veeam Backup for M365 v7 beta.

I installed it today, took a brief look around and couldn't wait to share the cool things coming....

I put together this quick video to show you how you will soon be able to manage ...

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Quick Minio Setup on Laptop for Testing Veeam and Kasten S3

Sometimes you just want to do a quick test that requires S3.

You can in seconds flat setup a Minio instance on your laptop for this purpose.

Go to Minio’s download page:

Run the Powershell command as shown in the instruc...

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Redhat’s Openshift owns a large portion of the Kubernetes market and some call it the most complete Kubernetes distribution of all.

In this post we will setup Redhat’s Code Ready Containers which is a single node developer Openshift version that will fit on your laptop.

We will perform the following s...

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Turn on Grafana in K10 4.5

Hi Everyone,

K10 version 4.5 came out yesterday and among other things has added Grafana to its list of features.

To turn Grafana on go to Usage & Reports in the dashboard and double click.

Here you can also enable reports that will be auto-generated. Lower down on the page you can go to Grafana by...

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