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NKGG decides to dump AUTH0 and leverage a home grown Keycloak deployment for Kasten Authentication

Feb 25, 2022

Big News compliance Junkies have taken over NKGG’s and JuniorJoe’s company!!

NKGG’s and JuniorJoe’s company was grabbed in a hostile takeover. A group of venture compliance junkies are now at the helm. The firm is now call They specialize in taking DR testing to the limit so that it conforms completely with a compliance junkie’s dream, that is, will test your DR Plan by creating real life DR situations for your company. The next time an auditor asks, “how sure are you that the DR plan will work?” you can answer well we burned down our server room and implemented our DR plan and it worked wonderfully!!

Now more than ever NKGG had to finalize his Kasten authorization setup. Come audit time the compliance gang would surely drill him on every aspect and he needed full control. Time to ditch the external authentication service and create his own.

After some research he decided on using keycloak and the bitnami helm chart:

He added the helm chart using the following command:

helm repo add bitnami

He found one permission issue related to the postgres database. Helm charts will allow you to manipulate the installations by using a values.yaml file, more information on this can be found on the helm site:

NKGG created a values.yaml file with the following content:



           enabled: true

He then deployed the helm chart with the following command:

helm install -f values.yaml keycloak      bitnami/keycloak

After a short wait two pods and a number of services should appear. The Keycloak service has picked up an IP from the metallb loadbalancer and can be accessed on port 80

So NKGG headed over to

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