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Veeam Vanguard and Legend

Yesterday I received an email announcing that I had been accepted into the Veeam Vanguard community. A few weeks earlier I had been renewed as a Veeam Legend. The events taking place right now in the world made me think even more about what exactly the word “community” means. 

The Veeam Legends and Vanguards come from various different places and backgrounds. For many, English is not their native language nevertheless we all find a common language in our enthusiasm for Veeam. I have worked with Veeam products since approximately 2013 and they have played a huge role in my professional advancement and success. However, I am not being deceitful when I say that some of the best memories associated with Veeam are not the emails that begin with the words “Congratulations” nor the great VeeamON parties and swag. The moments that I remember most are when with the help of Veeam software I was able to enable people to return from devastating IT situations back to normal life. When we think of IT disasters, we tend to focus on the technical emergencies involved but there is so much more behind the story than that. People’s livelihoods are often in jeopardy, complete businesses are at risk of disappearing or being put under the burden of enormous payoff to criminals in order to survive. The genuine words of thanks and appreciation from relieved system administrators or other customers are the true reward.

It is true that Veeam is a business selling software, and companies offering backup and disaster recovery services are trying to make a profit like so many others, but not everyone offers the same quality and levels of dedication. I am proud to be a Veeam Legend and Veeam Vanguard because I know that Veeam’s quality is not just an empty slogan or marketing trick, but because it has truly delivered for me and the customers that I have worked with over the years.  


The Veeam Legends and Vanguards are people who have worked extensively with Veeam and have come to believe in and love its software products. 

The Veeam Legends are intensely active on Veeam’s R&D forums https://forums.veeam.com/ and the Veeam community hub  


The Veeam Vanguards are more external evangelists who through blogging and personal appearances are communicating their experiences and successes working with the product.  

For those involved in these communities, the benefits are enormous. The individuals in these communities are experts in their fields and yet very humble and helpful.  

I encourage everyone to get involved and apply to these programs when the next intakes take place. You will not regret it.! 

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