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Kubecon Update

Hey Folks,

I had a lot of fun presenting at the Kubecon booth today. One unexpected was that I

had practiced at home without wearing a mask .. and when I started with a mask my glasses started to fog up… I needed a DR plan quick.. the trick is to move the

glassed right to the end of your nose.The presentation was about how to setup a backup testing environment leveraging Minikube and Kasten. For this I deployed a WordPress application with persistent storage. Similar to posts that I have made here but you have to cut stuff out when presenting since very short amount of time. Luckily I have a very load voice and talk fast so most likely people thought it was

an emergency announcement or something at first then gathered around 

I am learning sales, the trick is to get them to come and listen .

The conference is great, obviously there are less people and they have to keep open spaces so a bit strange but a nice change from constant virtual!

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