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KASTEN Disaster Recovery

Kasten not only backs up your Kubernetes workloads, but it also backs up itself!

Kasten DR can leverage an NFS or S3 remote location to backup its components in the event of something unfortunate happening.

In our case that unfortunate event happened. Junior Joe had just been hired the week before. Junior demanded full access to the Kubernetes cluster “or else” and since his father was best friends with the CEO he soon was given admin user access on the cluster.

On his first day working remotely (which is now every day thanks to covid19) Junior Joe was completely unsupervised so he decided to play around with helm and typed the following on the CLI:

and then:

The result was this:

and with that our Kasten backup setup was history!!!

Luckily the KubeMaster Genius Geoff had previously setup the Kasten DR policy which was backing up Kasten and its settings to an offsite S3 location.

After Junior Joe timidly confessed to his transgressions Genius Geoff went to work:

First he re created the kasten-io namespace:

Then he created the secret that contains the DR passphrase. As the Kasten instructions say, you must setup a passphrase and keep it somewhere safe otherwise you will not be able to restore your Kasten instance.

he then performed a fresh install of Kasten:

Kasten, albeit it empty, is back

Genius Geoff logged in and re-attached the S3 Dr location to this new Kasten install:

The moment of truth had now arrived and he ran the Kasten DR restore command:

Kasten took it from there and went to work:

Just a few moments later, it is as if nothing had ever happened:

Back on the Console Kasten has good news:

Sweet we are back in business!!

Genius Geoff then passed on to Junior Joe the cardinal credo of their profession “No one cares about backups, they care about restores, and successful ones at that!!!”

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